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Barefoot Bodywork

This style of work is a modern approach to address deeper & interconnected layers of fascia in the body by specifically using the massage therapists feet for compression, gliding and stretching.


Intraoral Massage & Facial Cupping

Focused session dedicated to unwinding tissues of the face, neck and jaw (external and internal structures).

Intraoral massage helps with: 

-mouth or jaw discomfort or tightness 

-diagnosed TMJ disorder 

-neck tightness, pain and limited mobility

-ear problems (clogging, buzzing, pain) 

-teeth clenching or grinding 

The benefits of facial cupping:

-increases oxygen rich blood circulation 

-strengthens skin and connective tissues 

-stimulates the lymphatic system 

-releases muscle tension 

-relieves sinus pain and congestion 

-decreases puffiness


Pediatric Massage

Pediatric sessions are offered to little ones birth-late teens. These gentle bodywork sessions can help with muscle tension, ease the nervous system and help children learn about informed consent & safe touch. For infants, it can help with latching, post frenectomies & hip/shoulder dystocia.


Perinatal Bodywork

Useful bodywork sessions that aim to release tension in the muscles & fascia, release tension points, and restore energy. Each session is client-centered to address individual needs in your journey.


Breast/Full Chest Massage

This client-centered session solely focuses on the full-chest. Gentle techniques on the tissues to open the chest & relieve any congestion or tension. Breast/Full-Chest area can remain draped or undraped for the session.

What does breast massage help with?
-Reduce pain (mastalgia)
-Reduce neck tension
-Improve lactation
-Decrease congestion and improve circulation
-Improve texture (fibrocystic breasts)
-Reduce adhesions and scar tissue
-Reduce swelling and reduce pain after surgery or biopsy
-Reduce likeliness of capsulizing after breast implant
-Reduce anxiety before or after mammogram or biopsy
-Improve lymphatic drainage
-Increase breast health awareness
-Improve respiration


Lymphatic Facilitation

LF is a superficial technique used to increase the healing process by assisting lymph flow, decreasing edema and swelling, and improving parasympathetic tone (nervous system work).

I’ve seen Georgia for a clogged milk duct, scar tissue massage, and massage and her skills are exceptional. Definitely the best massage I’ve had in years, maybe ever. It is clear that she cares about the health and well-being of others through the work she does. I highly, highly recommend her for massage and postpartum services.


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